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Defensive Publications are a method for the open source community to prevent the issuance of low quality software patents. These publications serve as evidence to disclose to the examiner what is new and innovative within the technology. Through Linux Defenders, developers collaborate with our team to ensure that these publications are effective in protecting the freedom to create, invent and operate.

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February 08, 2013 Amaxtus : The Pressure Sensitive Wheelchair
Mobility is an important aspect for a physically disabled person to be independent. AMAXTUS is developed aiming to eliminate the immobility of the needy, as well as to ease it into the Indian economy with ease. The concept of “press to drive” implemented in the wheel chair sets it apart from all the existing mechanically steered drives. The basic driving system of AMAXTUS can be later coupled with other innumerous electric vehicles as well to make them touch driven as well.
pressure drives