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Defensive Publications are a method for the open source community to prevent the issuance of low quality software patents. These publications serve as evidence to disclose to the examiner what is new and innovative within the technology. Through Linux Defenders, developers collaborate with our team to ensure that these publications are effective in protecting the freedom to create, invent and operate.

Publication Date Title Tags
October 20, 2014 Cloud File Syncing Encryption System
This publication describes the encryption system implemented in ownCloud1, a cloud file storage and syncing system.
encryption cloud data syncing
December 18, 2012 A Method and System for Tallying Encrypted Votes in an Electronic Voting System
This disclosure describes a method for reporting the results of an election after collecting encrypted votes from an electronic voting system.
voting encryption
April 26, 2009 Session Key Establishment between a Security Element and a Server
This document shows how key-attestations performed by an SE equipped with an embedded private key and certificate for "credential bootstrapping" also can be used to establish a shared session key between an SE and an issuer server.
encryption session keys
March 20, 2009 Security Hardware Password Manager
A password manager encrypts usernames and passwords and stores them centrally on a local machine for ease of use. Security hardware prevents unauthorized access to the usernames and passwords.
encryption passwords
March 11, 2009 File Lock System
Current systems also fail to provide a means to encrypt only the sensitive portions of documents, such as an audio file attached to a text document.
encryption data security
January 29, 2009 Subject Key Attestations in KeyGen2
The document describes an on-line provisioning protocol the enables issuers to verify that assymetric key-pairs actually are generated in clients' trusted containers as well as how you can securely download symmetric keys to such containers.